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[photographic memory]

"Zions Glyphs"

"Zions Glyphs"

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*unframed image is the true representative of the physical print

*Story Pouch includes an exclusive physical version of the photos story included with every print (example pictured)

Petroglyphs have interested me on a deep level ever since the first time I ever heard the term from my 4th or 5th grade social studies teacher. I've always found humans innate desire to record events and create communication channels through writing. Its a level of intelligence and intuition that sets us apart among other things , but it's interesting to me that even back thousands of years ago people had the intuition to think "heys theres going to be a lot of generations coming after us so lets write some of this down so that we aren't forgotten". Low and behold a couple thousand years later my dad and I pull up in a modern automobile with modern backpacks and water bottles and go hiking through a National Park founded by a modern government system and end up being on the other end of the communication channel of the people a few thousand years ago without missing a beat. It's almost like an immediate transfer of information stretched out over 2000 or so years which from a macro view makes sense because thats that small amount of time is incomprehensible relative to the earths age and especially the universes age. In fact we wont even be differentiated from the people writing these petroglyphs by our descendants. Think about it alligators have been around 245 million years and we've been around around 200,000 with only 5000 years of recorded history. So even if humans live for only 1 million years even then we will be indecipherable from our ancestors that were speaking to us through these petroglyphs. "Zions Glyphs"











Matt Board- We use acid-free mat board to separate your print from the moulding and acrylic. 

Foam Core- We mount your print on acid-free foam core backing which keeps the work smooth and supported. 

Acrylic- We use acrylic as glazing for your art. Although acrylic is more expensive than glass, we use it because it offers superior UV protection, shipping durability, is lightweight and beautifully clear.

Hanging hardware- We include hanging hardware that's appropriate for the size of your finished art on the back of each frame. Depending on how large your finished piece is, we'll use sawtooth hangers, hanging wire, or corner brackets.

Don't worry, we'll also send the corresponding nails and hooks to get your piece on the wall-all you'll need is a hammer.

Printer and ink- We print on Premium Lustre or Enhanced Matte paper using archival inks. 

Moulding- Our frame mouldings are made of solid wood with premium finishes like hand-leafing, veneer, and gesso. We custom cut and join each piece of moulding to fit your art so each frame is truly one of a kind.

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